About this website


Welcome to this website dedicated to the conservation and restoration of all chalk-streams, with an occasional focus on a catchment-scale restoration I have been running on the River Nar in Norfolk, and more recently on the Chalk-Streams First initiative to cease groundwater abstraction in the Chilterns, something I am very passionate about as I believe this model is THE future for sustainable chalk stream groundwater abstraction.

You will be able to read about these projects as they unfold, as well as more generally about the cultural and natural history of chalk-streams, the ways in which we have modified and used them over the centuries, their place in the world now, how they are under threat, and why chalk-streams should be conserved and how they can be restored.

Finally, I have been chairing, since December, a CaBA Chalk Stream Restoration Group, working on a Restoration Strategy for English chalk streams. We hope to be able to share and consult on the first draft by some time in March 2021. Watch this space.

Thanks for reading,

Charles Rangeley-Wilson.

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