Welcome to chalkstreams.org, a website dedicated to the conservation and restoration of chalk streams.

Chalkstreams.org is curated by Charles Rangeley-Wilson, chair of the CaBA chalk stream restoration group. On this site you’ll find:

• a blog with news and updates

• an index of useful resources, including links to the CaBA chalk stream restoration strategy, and other key reports: new reports will be highlighted in the blog when they are uploaded

• an index of all English chalk streams and a link to the new priority habitats chalk stream mapping layer

• info on my work as advisor/designer for restoration projects and catchment restoration strategies

case studies of projects, some of which are highlighted in the gallery below.

Restoration of chalk-stream floodplains

Here I designed a project to restore connectivity between the chalk stream and floodplain, with 2km of new, meandering channel, 50 acres of reconnected floodplain, 15 acres of wet woodland, and the pre-existing perched, impounded and dredged channel reverted to groundwater-fed fen.

Restoration of dredged chalk-stream channels

Here, we restored gravel in a previously dredged channel by excavating from flood-plain borrow pits and building riffles between the existing and natural meander pattern, with the borrow pits re-filled as shallow, ephemerally wet depressions, adding to the floodplain biodiversity.

Working with large woody material

I work with an experienced team of foresters – Richard and Pete. Our approach is to imitate natural tree-fall and wind-throw: the interaction between the chalk stream and large woody material is critical to the development of natural processes and self-restoration. The horse is called Archie – he was used to pull timber along a delicate SSSI river-bank.

Restoring wetlands, headwater fens and flushes

Most chalk-stream headwaters and floodplains have been extensively ditched and drained: restoring wetlands and headwater fens and flushes is key to restoring bio-diversity, water quality and flow resilience. I design wetland restoration wherever possible, no matter the project.

Catchment plans, reports and strategies

I have written, designed and edited numerous reports and strategies, including a local catchment restoration strategy for WWF & The Norfolk Rivers Trust and a national chalk stream restoration strategy, working with government regulators, industry and NGOs