A brilliant document

I’ve been doing a few presentations this autumn, including at the 25th anniversary of the Chilterns Chalk Stream Project: a fascinating day in St Alban’s with a walk beside the River Ver through Verulamium Park.

To mark the day the Chilterns AONB produced a booklet called Celebrating 25 Years of the Chilterns Chalk Stream Project. There were a few copies in the room and I made sure to keep mine. It includes a fascinating, stream by stream analysis of pressures including some revealing water quality charts which show so clearly how various pressures very between different parts of a given stream and between streams: the impact of the canal on phosphorous levels in the Bulbourne, for example, is clear as day. But it’s more than a techie analysis: it’s very approachable and it also evokes so well how important chalk streams are to this special part of England.

When I mentioned to Kate Heppell how good I thought the book was, she said they had only printed a few copies. Which is great shame. However, it is now available online as a PDF and if I were you I’d download a copy pronto as it is a fascinating read and a fascinating history of the Chilterns Chalk Stream project and all the good work it does.


One thought on “A brilliant document

  1. I couldn’t agree more Charles, it’s an excellent booklet.
    I have been lending my printed copy from the event to friends and they have all made similar complimentary comments on it. I’ll now share the link to the PDF version with them too 🙂


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