Chalk Streams First response to the Affinity Water WRMP consultation

Here is the Chalk Streams First coalition response to the Affinity Water WRMP consultation. It has been put together in consultation with all the groups in the coalition.

We are publishing our response ahead of the deadline (20th Feb) so that any individual or group can adapt or quote our collective position in their own response.

Some of the recent posts on this blog help to contextualise the content of our response: see, for example “Something We Should All Agree On”, “The Green Elephant in the Room” and “Flow Recovery Following Abstraction Reduction”.

Find out more about the Affinity Water WRMP on this link HERE

The CSF report into flow recovery following abstraction reduction referred to in our response is available via a link on THIS PAGE or directly HERE

2 thoughts on “Chalk Streams First response to the Affinity Water WRMP consultation

  1. Hi Charles

    Great stuff but pity no cross-reference to tackling Affinity’s damaging impacts on the N side of the Chilterns.  The Cam/Granta/Rhee headwaters could do with significant reductions from Affinity too.

    Kind regards



    1. Hi Alan, fair point and please apply our CSF model to your response on behalf of those streams. We do mention the investigation on the Ivel and the idea of pursuing a CSF type solution there. In fact the Ivel could become a quick-win test case for the whole concept. V best. C.


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